sábado, 23 de diciembre de 2017

las fotos ineditas que nunca fueron publicadas cuando la entrevisté en madrid ADIOS A CHRISTINA KEELER EL MITO DE MI JUVENTUD LONDINENSE



Those were the good old days and here we are in the middle of Christmas Shopping when bad tides arrived: Mandy her roommate and friend is dead. Did you remember the affair Profumo, a Jew from Spanish extraction? the big traitor of England. He made the collapse of the government of Macmillan. The Tories went to the dogs That only could happen in the swinging sixties in London.

It was an estrange affaire of beds Russians, journalists, scandal. Fleet Street and the big Dos of the big days. We never had it so good. A beautiful woman Cristina Keeler a cockney de bon air everyone of us fell in love with her. London Bridge was falling down lady my lady lee the lights of Picadilly in and out. SOHO and its big dancing halls The Locarno in Hull and the Empire in London. One day i think a danced with my Fair Lady and I was in love with Christina Keeler nights of White satin never reaching the end and letters were written never being to send. Yes, Mr Macmillan you were a superman. Well done Harold. Everything was nice and easy and at hand. I never felt so free. Could not care less of the future; a few pounds in the bank, money in the pockets to spare in the pub. We made a tower of nickels and dimes. And the coin of sixpence was real silver. Another pint of bitter please and running a Mini Cooper having a few in the tavern round the corner chasing the birds. Those were my sins. My idea of life was to have a god time hanging around. All girls those days wore big eye lashes and miniskirts That was top of World top of the pops with Jimmy Savile (click clack every trip fasten your belts we didn't know that the big communicator of Radio 1-70 and the BBC was not who appeared: a simple and friendly Yorkshire man was a bit of a monster, and Tony Blackburn (at that time we never Could imagine that that Yorkshire freak with the White wig and the big fat cigar braying and whining like the donkey and the mare Could be the child abuser the indecent exposé, the cruel Bluebeard) A hard days night. We worked hard to get you Money and buy you things. It was starting the civilization of consume. Well, Mandy Rice Jones is dead she was seventy just my age the same that Christina Keeler the most beautiful woman in London the red hair. Vintage 1944 I love Cristina Keeler a woman of my age. Profumo affair.

Ivanov the Russian spy passing information to the Kremlin. Baths at mid night in a swimming pool in a very posh district in London. That was the week that was quoting Mr. David Frost black and white TV and on Saturday nights match of the Day. Doctor Ward who was poisoned by the British Intelligence Service. He ran an agency  for call girls. The Doctor osteopath was a pimp. Rest in peace, dear Christina.

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