viernes, 13 de enero de 2017



Dont worry, be happy. There is more in Trump that meets the eye. His grandfather was a poor German immigrant from the region of the Rhin. He landed in Ellis Island penniless, went to California during the gold rush, taking all kinds of job, even managing a brothel in San Francisco and he made ca fortune in real state building houses and bridges roads and he returned back to Munchen at the time of World First War a very rich guy. But he refused to join the Army.

Back to Queens he went, where he continued in the building business. His son was the chief of the big firm in New York and when he died in 1999 owned a fortune of multimillion dollars. Donald the elder of his son amplified that to construct an empire (skyscrapers, jewels, petrol, insurance etc) Donald is the typical self-made man in the land of opportunity, and that appeals to the voter: success. I must say that he is an straight guy no mucking around. He has building interests in Syria and with the Saudi. The Jews should not worry. Through his grandchildren born to Ivanka▬ the apple of his eyes▬ all of them are circumcised and their keep the Sabbath. The manager of his campaign, son in law, is the son of a polish survivor of Auschwitz. Great part of the powerful Jewish lobby backs him up. Business is business.  

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