miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2016


The European Parliament has approved the resolution about the struggle against the propaganda coming from third countries, including Russia. Thus, the European Parliament has found the work of Russian mass media threatening. MEPs believe that the Russian authorities use a variety of tools, including multi-language TV channels, social media, news agencies and even Internet trolls to allegedly attack European values and disintegrate Europe. According to European officials, Russia imposes Christian Orthodox values ​​and increases influence around the world with the help of Russian media.Prior to the decision, German journalist Holger Ekhof told RT that the new document would call on the EU to admit that Putin's regime was trying to play the role of the sole defender of traditional Christian values. In fact, the journalist added, the document would say that Russia was trying to impose Orthodox religion on the rest of the world. Russia - the only defender of Christian values Russia is indeed the only defender of Christian values. Christianity appeared in the form of the Apostolic Orthodox Church in the first century AD. The western branch - the Roman See - separated from the Orthodox Church in 1054. This branch had been stepping away from monotheism throughout its history. At first, Catholics recognized that the Holy Spirit was emanating not only from God but also from Christ. Afterwards, the Pope became infallible, and the Virgin Mary was deified. In the 10th century, the institute of indulgences was introduces, i.e. atonement for money. - See more at: http://www.pravdareport.com/russia/politics/23-11-2016/136246-russia_christian_values-0/#sthash.wAa7F6mN.dpuf

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