lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2015




Follow me up

I am a Rubber stamp

Stuck to the will of doom

Can you spare me

A match?

Please I need a fag

What are the results of the

Big crash of the Superpowers?

An anticlimax

Match of the day Southampton one Chelsea two

Tea for two and Mouriño gets the sack

They withdrew the guns

The battle ships sunk

Better say naught

Say that again

Let us start them

You fumble in your pockets

Won’t find the lighter

You did not bring today the cigarettes pack

Big brother is watching

People don’t smoke any more

They gave it up

But they also shall die

With clean lungs

But who cares?

If you are tired

And you feel lonely

The best thing, a sherbet

Of  brandy

Cheers to the Prophet

He also burps and farts

Follow me up

I am rubber stump

A graze on the horse back

Oh yes, yes

Follow me up

And escape through the stern flack

Like a bullet

You, bum

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